The CMIR Is Awesome

Going to the University of Florida blesses me with the opportunity to use the many resources on this campus such as the Center for Media Innovation and Research. The CMIR is really awesome and has a lot of tools at my disposal that I can use to further my career as a sports broadcaster.


This is the sports department of the CMIR. I have a strong interest in sports so I spend a lot of time here anchoring, editing, and writing web stories that are published for ESPN Gainesville. IMG_0446IMG_0445

Here are a couple of other photos from the sports section and one of the news department. I spend a lot of time here not just for my classes but for the different extra work I do outside of the classroom. Ive had to make packages that air on live TV before and the CMIR provides the necessary tools to complete that work. I am very fortunate that this university gives me the opportunities to advance my career.


Classmates Blogs-Blogroll

All of my fellow classmates have very interesting blogs that I highly recommend you check out. Here is a list of all of them below.

Rebecca Adams

Crystal Bailey

Michelle Bentley

Agustina Buedo

Olivia Courtney

Lucas Dolengowski

James Fertil

Alexis Geffin

Daniel Gillman

Sara Girard

Amivi Guinhouya

Zoe Haugen

Darling Hill

Connor Ingalls

Kathryn Komarnicki

Devin McDermott

Sean McKenna

Nestor Montoya

Andrea Newport-Jones

Kara Roberts

Nikki Rode

Kelsey Sanchez Gonzalez

Leah Shields

Luis Torres

Megan Trepper

The Tipping Point Review

After reading the tipping point I feel I better understand social trends and what makes them rise or fall. Specifically when a certain social trend reaches that threshold where it spreads like wildfire throughout society and brings about social change whether its good or bad. Gladwell brings up specific examples to convey this point and to explain how and when this threshold is reached with different events.

The first trend I really liked in the book was the one about the subway graffiti in New York City. I personally like this one because I am originally from New York so this one struck home with me because I can relate to this example. Gladwell brings up how the crime rate in New York city between 1975 to 1992 was very high, totaling over 600,000 felonies per year, including about 2,000 murders. In 1993, a tipping point was reached and the crime rate decreased dramatically. Within five years, serious crimes dropped to one-half and murders to one-third. Gladwell argues that one of the reasons crime dropped was because of the graffiti cleanup. The mindset behind cleaning the graffiti was to not just make the subways look cleaner but to send the message that this system that seems broken is being cared for and fixed. I agree with that because if you make your city look nicer than change will come. If there is graffiti everywhere than it can have a negative affect on morale on the population in an area. This article goes more in depth on the issue and really looks at how this subway had an affect on the crime rate dropping.

Gladwell also argues crime rate went down because the subway was more strict on people skipping turnstiles. He really conveys his points between these two fixes for New York City crime and makes it clear what he means by the threshold for a social change. Between these I clearly see what he’s talking about and I completely agree with him and can now make my own judgement on when a current social trend reaches the threshold for social change.

My Friends Blogs- Part 2

These fellow classmates all blogged about the same topic so its convenient to discuss them at the same time. These next three blogs all deal with being healthy and fit!

The first workout blog I like is Alexis Geffin’s blog and mainly here post right after spring break. She posted that just because spring break is over you shouldn’t stop working out and eating healthy. This is very true because people just want the spring break body but they should keep up the good work! Alexis is in good shape so I value her opinion.

The next one is fellow classmate Zoe Haugen . I like her post about knowing what bread you buy because there alot of options out there. She provides great insight and clearly knows what she’s talking about so next time I buy bread I may take her advice!

Lastly is my classmate Aggie Buedo; her blog is really helpful because she has post about certain workouts. Her post on 8 minute ab workout I thought was interesting because I myself enjoy doing ab workouts and think they’re important. I am busy a lot though so it can be hard to find the time to workout but her post is quick workout that looks very hard and effective so I enjoyed it.

All three of these blogs are very helpful and are well detailed so they know what they are talking about. Good job classmates!

My Friends Blogs

This week were gonna shift the focus away from my blog topic and talk about the great other blogs my classmates are doing.

One of my good friends Daniel Gillman has a great blog about the sporting stadiums he has been to in his lifetime. This blog interest me because obviously I’m a big sports fan so its cool to see the places fellow classmates have been. Gillman is also very knowledgable about sports as well so its a fresh take on them from a different perspective.

Another blog I like about sports is Connor Ingalls blog. He talks about the NBA, a sport i like a lot, and gives his thoughts and opinions on different things occurring in the league. I personally like his Damian Lillard post because I also believe Lillard is a very underrated talent. He was snubbed of an all-star spot again despite staggering numbers that Connor presented.

The third sports blog I like is Luis Torres’  blog. I really like his warriors post because Golden State is truly just a fun team to watch and talk about. They are on pace to break the single season wins record set by the Bulls during the 95-96 season. He provides some good insight to how the Warriors are so dominate.

Biography- Sean McKenna

I am currently a junior at the University of Florida studying telecommunications with an understudy in sports management. I have a strong passion for sports and that has driven me throughout my college career. I aspire to become a sports anchor or a reporter for the NFL one day. On this blog I have talked about the NFL and more specifically the upcoming draft this year. 

In my college years I have had experience working for an ESPN radio station and a real world newsroom where I can produce my own sports and news content. For the past two years I have made minute long sport update videos for North-Central Florida. These experiences have prepared me for what its like to work in the real world.

I am currently looking for an internship to gain more real world experience and set up possibilities for a future job. Ive attached my resume, so any employer can see how qualified I am for an internship.

Sean McKenna- Resume


Sean T. McKenna

1137 Split Silk Street

Valrico, FL  33594




 Website- Personal Website



Bachelors of Arts in Journalism/Broadcasting                 

Graduation:  expected, May 2017

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL



  • ESPNU Campus Connect Contributor (2015-Present)
    • Create packages that deal with sports events or student-athlete feature stories that only a student at a university can experience or witness
  • ESPN 95.3/850 WRUF- Reporter             (2014-Present)
    • Cut up interviews into useable sound bytes, give two minute sports updates live on air, interview current UF athletes or former UF athletes and write player profile on the athlete, write stories that are posted to WRUF website
  • Beat Reporter                         (2015-Present)
    • Beat reporter for University of Florida baseball team, interview players and coaches, cut up sound to use for web stories and on air updates for ESPN 95.3
    • Beat reporter for University of Florida Soccer team, interview players and coaches, cut up sound to use for web stories and on air updates for ESPN 95.3/850
  • WUFT Sports Cut-Ins                         (2014-Present)
    • Write scripts for a minute sports update that is broadcasted on PBS TV station in Gainesville area, edit video using Final Cut Pro/ Adobe Premier
  • WUFT TV Reporter                                     (2015-Present)
    • Interview different people or businesses in Alachua County, Make packages and record stand-ups that air on TV, edit video using Adobe Premier
  • Florida Sports Talk FM – Reporter             (2013-2014)
    • Interview high school football head coaches, Write preview pieces on upcoming high school football games that were put up on Florida sports talk FM website





American Cancer Society Volunteer, RFL                                          May 2005-Present

Special Olympics at the University of Florida                                   September 2015-Present

Dance Marathon                                                                                  April 2014- Present

Delta Chi                                                                                             April 2014- Present

  • Associate Member Counselor- Teach incoming Associate members abut the fraternity and help them with time management as they transition into college and new lifestyle; also a position on executive board in fraternity